Girls, do girls purposely ask weird questions to new guys they meet to catch them off guard?

Last week I met a girl at the industry convention. The layout of it was very cool, and at night there were concerts you attend of songwriters who write songs for big name artists like Rhianna, One Direction, and etc.

Anyways this girl ended up sitting at my table with her team which consisted of 3 of her friends. By the end of the night I ended up talking to her but she was totally catching me off-guard by asking me the weirdest questions because I didn't know how to respond...


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  • Sometimes when people are nervous they don't make sense. She probably liked u

    • I don't think she was nervous. Maybe drunk but when I asked her for a business card then she gave me her email, not her phone number.

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    • The questions she asked were REALLY weird though. And she called me by the wrong name and then said 'Oh, I am usually really good at this...'


    • she might have been nervous. or drunk. There's no way to tell. Just ask her on a date.

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