She hasn't responded to my texts

Met a girl at a party. Danced and had a good time. She seemed more than interested that night and I got her number. Texted her a couple days later and had a very short convo, just trying to chat with her, she seemed enthused at first, ended when she didn't say anything back on about the 3rd text. Texted her the next day with no response.

What should I do? I don't wanna be that guy who can't take a hint, but her previous mannerisms differ from her responsiveness in my attempts to communicate with her and its really bothering me because it happens fairly frequently and I usually just let it go.

Should I try calling? or let it go?


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  • Well I wouldn't exactly let it go. I would just wait and see if she texts you back, if she doesn't move on, if she does well you already know. :P Give it a little time, you never know what will happen.


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  • It's possible you are mis-reading her interest level when she gave you her number. If you had a good time, then great. She probably had fun too, but may not have the same level of interest in anything further that you have. She may have given you the number to "shut you up".

    During the texting phase, again , you may have texted at a bad time (she could have been depressed then or feeling bad, or have gotten bad news, etc). A simple text then would have been enough. Try not to try "too" hard, that comes off as being needy, and most women aren't looking for someone to raise, they want to date a man.

    Sending extra texts when she clearly isn't responding could be considered (or at least viewed) as harassing. Best to give the lady some space, try again in a week, or send a card (an actual card), to her expressing your interest. If she is indeed interested in you, she has your number and she can text you back. I wouldn't recommend pushing the situation, I'd leave it up to her now.

    In the future, when you get a number, try sending one simple text, possibly two, if you get a good response, but then back off, and give her time to think. Then you can text her again at a later time, say a day or two later, with date plans, or coffee if she's to be a friend and not a date.

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