Girls, how the f#ck do you expect us to talk to you if everything we do and say is "creepy"?

Even saying the word hello is now considered creepy in todays society. Many guys like myself are afraid of saying anything out of fear of being accused of being "creepy". You need to change your atitude and stop believing in feminazi propaganda against men.


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  • I find that a lot of guys who come off as creepy are the ones who give off the vibe "hello female. You are female. I am male. We are talking"

    Rather than, "hello fellow human. "

    Or it could be your ignorance about feminism that drives females away.

    • First of all I don't go around chatting with women expecting something I simply say hello out of courtesy. I am saying that I am afraid to interact with women because of what you women say about men online not because I was rejected or anything cause honestly I have never asked a woman out so technically I have never been rejected.

    • There's a difference in what feels like forced conversation with a stranger rather than easy or comfortable conversation with a stranger.

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  • Sounds like someone needs to read the book "How to be a keeper, not a creeper. A guide to the modern man's dilemma"

    • Right men have to change but women are free to act however the fuck they want which is part of the feminazi propaganda against men to make us into your puppets. FYI I don't talk to women in a "creepy" way in fact women are always comfortable around me but I refrain from hitting on them or taking it to the next level because I fear they will think I am creepy and then lose interest in me.

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    • Head hurt much?

    • Nope.

  • calm down obviously your talking to the wrong girls

  • I don't expect you to talk to me first. I expect that if I'm interested in you enough I'll make my way to you and say something.

  • That is a fair point. There are a lot of women out there that get freaked out easily. Kind of ridiculous.

  • Everything is not creepy. But it depends on how you say it, when and where you say it and unfortunately, how you look.

    This has nothing to do with feminism or feminazis. If you act creepy, we will call you creepy.

  • Firstly, not all of us hate men. Secondly, not all women are like those over-entitled bitches you speak of.


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