Is there a psychology behind liking the same type of looking person as your ex?

Me and this guy I'm seeing both said that the last people we were seeing look VERY similar to each other. is it possible that because it didn't work out with our exes we are attracted to each other in hopes it will or it reminds us somehow ? I feel like it means more than simply finding that type physically attractive. What do you think?


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  • i believe that to be the truth if the break up was not to bad but i also think that if the break up was a bad you go for the opposite of your ex cause you don't want to be reminded of them i have seen this done before


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  • Well because you say Psychology I would point you toward the studies of-

    Devendra Singh
    David Buss-

    They are both world recognized in the field of Evolutionary Psychology and Buss has done quite a bit a of work on human mate selection.

    There is also growing evidence that pheromones play an important role in the men women date and that hormone based birth control makes women tend to prefer men that smell like their father or brothers (protectors since it tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant). There have been cases of women getting off birth control to conceive and being repelled by the smell of their husband's scent...

    That said we all have slightly different physical preferences. But for me if I meet someone outside that criteria who has the smarts or personality that does it for me all that fades away. But if that guy was say short or bald I don't then go seeking the same kind of man if we break up. Make sense?


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  • Yes, I believe so and also people who look the same share a lot of the same personality traits. It is called Physiognomy.


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