Guys, I've been dating my boyfriend for nearly 5 months, he still hasn't told his family about me?

My boyfriend and I started dating end of last year (we're both 15), and our relationship is going really well. All our friends know that we go out, and so does my family. He lives with his grandma (as his mum is in jail), but he still hasn't told her that he has a girlfriend. He has told me before that he's not allowed one, but I wasn't allowed a boyfriend either but after I told my mum she was okay with it since she really likes him. His grandma isn't very strict on him, so I don't think it will actually be much of a problem. I want him to tell his grandma about me so I can go and hang at his house and stuff, how do I ask him/ tell him? Also, why does he not want to?


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  • It sounds more like he's a bit self-conscious about his family and doesn't want you to judge him, especially since you mention his mother being in jail. He's likely keeping you away from the picture because he might not have the greatest home life. It also could be about not being allowed to have a girlfriend, but I think that's a bit of an excuse. Usually it's girls who are told they can't date more than a boy being told by his parents he can't date. You can probably figure out if he's spending ample time with you, at your house, meeting your family, being out of his own house that it's probably just more to do with the fact he's a bit embarrassed about his family and doesn't want YOU meeting them, not the other way around.


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