I don't know what to do about this girl... again?

I'll try to make this shorter than usual:
-Hung out with my crush a week ago. I had fun, I think she did too, constant talking, laughing, and no awkwardness

-Asked her to lunch Tuesday cause she's still on spring break. She texted a few hours later and said she hasn't had her phone all day, I said the offer is open the rest of the week, she said cool.

-texted her today if she wanted to get lunch tomorrow. She hasn't replied.

-big reason I want to go to lunch or hang out is cause I wanna ask her to prom, but it's in like two weeks. She doesn't have a date so I wanna try my luck. But, I don't know when we could hang out if not tomorrow.

-I don't wanna text her again cause I'll seem weird, right?

Any help guys? Should I try calling her tomorrow about it? Do you think she's busy and doesn't wanna let me down?

Please help.


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  • Bruh this gal is gonna drive you mad!
    Did she reply yet?
    I'd like to give advice from that point :D

    • She replied at 11 at night Thurs, and the conversation didn't make sense... Hard to explain. But she didn't say no or yes.

      Then, I called her today at around 11am, left a message, she texted me a bit later and said "I can't today I'm sorry". Then we said we'd see each other at work, talked a bit and then was it.


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    • Yeah, the options thing is odd. Unless I knew for certain that she dislikes prom...
      I'll just ask her to prom, and see what happens after that.

    • Thanks man

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  • Patience young grasshopper, push comes to shove just give her a call, give her time to call back though.

    • Okay. Okay I shall. What would I say though, like "do you still wanna get lunch" or "did you get my text" or what? And what if she doesn't answer so I have to leave a message?

      She's making me feel so desperate. I feel like she's playing hard to get but she doesn't know it lol.

    • Later on tomorrow I would do "Did you still want to get lunch?" if she says no or says she's to busy, you could ask her to prom right then and there if you want to do it now now now, or just wait till you see her again.

    • So we discussed prom a bit last time we hung out... we were outside, she found an airsoft BB, convo lead to paintball, she kinda jokingly said she's gonna go paintballing instead of prom, implying she doesn't have a date. I couldn't tell if that meant she wanted me to ask, but now I'm starting to think: she's an interesting, none stereotypical high school girl. Maybe I should ask if she wants to do something else INSTEAD of prom, but ask her early anyway?

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