I really need help hopefully you can help me please help?

Ok let me start of by introducing my self I'm really funny kinda tall I'll always put others need/feelings/thoughts before my own and my very caring I've always thought I was a little weird cause all my friends always looked at a girl and saw asign hot or something like that all because of her physical appearance and I could never do that and I've tried before but I can't I grew up and realized I always found that Im more attractive to what they think pretty much I only really cared about what's on the inside I know that sounds corny and false but I really am no I don't want to get in a girls pants I could date a girl and not have sex with her at all but I find myself in the friend zone/rejected multiple times and I'm honestly tired and I just want it to stop I really do I was really into this girl and she's perfect smart/caring/nice and i could always make her laugh and smile she's pretty but again could care less about that and I was happy and she brought so much color into my world and I was planning on asking her out buthe of course like every other girl I ever liked she of course only wanted to be friends and I've fallen hard I don't know know I was of those people who did this but yea I cut myself and sorta depressed I'm just really sad and I don't know how much rejection I can handle like I said I'm glad she's happy and all want for her is to be happy and I'm always gonna be there for her what do I do


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  • Oh man, you sound like a sweety :) I can't speak for all women, but for me, I tend to eventually fall for my guy friends (if there is chemistry). How long you been hanging out with her? Maybe be more flirty/teasing/sexual ennuendos.

    • Uh I don't know maybe a couple months look it's great that you fall for your friends cause they tend to know you more but girls like that are 1 out of 10

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  • Dude, you gotta learn to use punctuation. That was a chore to read


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