Why the heck does he like making me jealous?

So there's this guy I'm seeing & we have great chemistry together. He just understands me better than most people and always puts a smile on my face without even trying :) But lately he's been messing with my head a lot and for some reason I feel like he's really doing it on purpose! We had a playful conversation today about some crazy things he's been up to & I said something jokingly (trying to keep the mood light) but he could still sense I was annoyed about it. So he caught on that I was feeling a bit jealous and said "you're pretty cute when you're jealous ;)" Was it his intention to make me jealous?! I hate that it's bugging me so much but I guess I like him more than I thought. Why does he seem so pleased with himself about it?? Lol :) Guys please fill me in on this. Is it a total turn off if a girl gets jealous over you?? I really tried to keep it under wraps but couldn't pull it off that well I guess, lol :P


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  • He knows he's got you by the "short and curlies".
    So he is just having fun with you.
    Some guys like their girl to get jealous, because it prooves that their girl is really interested and invested in him.
    Other than that, dont tell me you dislike the drama. Girls love it.

    • I'm too much of a straight shooter to enjoy drama actually, lol :) I know this is fighting fire with fire, but what are ways to make him jealous too? Any idea will do (but nothing that will anger him or leave him upset) :)

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    • You know what, I realized what I wrote like, when I pushed the Submit button!
      Sorry, I got things really mixed up.
      Thats what happens when you answer a dozen GAG questions in the afternoon!

    • Well, guys like it when girls get jealous. It does look cute :)

      So, in a way, he likes to feel loved and cared for when you get jealous.
      Cause if you didn't mind, then he would be like "Hmmm...".

      Just be a straight shooter! Talk to him while your both watching TV and relaxed.

      Key: be very feminine, close and cuddly to him.
      Pamper him with caresses and yout touch, then let out what you have inside.
      You will melt him and put him off guard.

      Guaranteed results or your money back! X0

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  • Omg, this is basically the situation between my best friend and I. We have a very weird and complicated friendship and he's always trying to make me jealous and then asks me, "Are you jelly? He does it all the time and it pisses me off. We fight constantly because of this. He knows when I get jealous and does things deliberately to make me jealous. We mess with each others heads and emotions a lot. We always play these hurtful mind games.

    My best friend does it because when I mess with his emotions, he likes to mess with mine (we don't like each other, though). For you, this guy is probably just testing to see if you really like him.

    • It's so frustrating, isn't it? Lol :) We've been casually dating and I feel like the mind games don't really stop for us. I have to admit that it's kind of making me want to pursue something serious with him because it made me realize how much I really him. If that was his plan all along than it's unfortunately working, lol. But I don't think I'd tolerate it from anyone else. Just him for some reason, lol :P Any ideas of how to beat him at his own game? :P Thanks a bunch for your insight

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    • having the upper hand you'll flip the switch and you will. Make him want you just as much as you want him.

    • I just believe guys are so sneaky like that, lol :P I do want something serious with him but I've always been the slightly possessive/obsessive type of girl, lol :) I don't even think it's about the jealousy exactly but more because he's had six girlfriends in the past (and they have so much history together). Like most of them have known him for years and started off as friends before doing the dating thing. I just get pretty insecure about myself because everyone (literally) that I've gotten close to has betrayed me or abandoned me in some way or another. I just don't want to share him because he's the first person I've opened up to in a really long time. any tips for getting over my own insecurity? :) I have trust issues times a million and that's just the way I've always been after experiencing certain relationships/friendships. It's not so much that I'm jealous over him but I want him to be faithful to me even though we're doing the long distance thing :)

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