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This question is for a friend.

My friend has a bf for around a month but latey she say when they text te conversation is boring and he always finds a reason to leave. Like I need to go take a shower or I'm going to bed. But he says it at strange times like 7-9. Like she said they usually text till 10 or around. But in person he acts normal.

This is my friends realist relationship I think and she hasn't had her first kiss.

Her bf has had other relationships and claims he hasn't had his first kiss which I think is a lie. He is "shy" and girls always flirt and smile at him bc he is "cute" and that bugs my friend.

Do you think he is hiding something? Or hates texting?
He dumped her.


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  • I personally just get lazy when texting, so it might just be that. I'll sometimes lie to get out of a long convo, but that doesn't mean he's not into her.

  • Guys get lazy when texting. I know I've done the same where "I have take a shower" or "I'm going to my friend's, talk to you later" just to cut off the conversation cuz I'm too lazy or bored with the convo to continue.

  • For some people texting doesn't come natural to them and bring strain.
    It's better for you two to just be closer rather than distance yourself at a range with meaningless texts with no audio.

    Talking to someone and not seeing them doesn't seem appealing to many, something that true texters never understand.

    Some texters are skillful at keeping a good conversation, but some would say things as simple as "hello" "how are you doing" "I'm fine". Simple texting like that alone can bring stress in reading and that alone bores the one you're texting. The point is, he obviously doesn't enjoys texting.

    Personally I'm the one that leaves a Skype message first. Due to the fact that conversations never really happen.

  • Some guys just don't like texting and/or calling. This includes me. I would much rather talk irl and hug and kiss and everything too.

    Especially if i don't have much in common with her, and we don't have much to talk about


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