Are there second chances?

Two years ago, the was a cute girl in my class that I got to talking to, hung out with once at her place watching a movie and making out, and studied with for class a fair amount. She made it pretty clear she wanted to have sex with me, but i never made that happen and instead we just kind of stopped talking.

Now, we're back in two classes together and now that I see her a couple times a week I'm feeling like I made a mistake not pursuing things with her. We share a lot of interests and stuff, and I think there could be something there if we gave it another chance. I've taked to her breifly in class or whatevera couple times, and she seems like she maky still have sime interest. Is it worth trying to start something back up with her? And if so, given our histroy, should I waste a lot of time trying to small talk with her, or just ask straight up if she'd want to go out some time?
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  • Just ask her out. My boyfriend and i liked each other in jigh school but he was to afraid to take it sny farther. He eventully grew some balls and yea... we have a kid and everything now. I believe in second cances for sure


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