Are we in a relationship?

I know we like each other now after so many miscommunication through texting, (he thought I just wanted to be friends and I thought he wasn't that into me). We had a long talk last Thurs and he started to make long term plans for us. He wanted to bring me sky diving, jet skiing, travelling and other stuff that he's into. He's adventorous while I'm very indoor. He also invited me over to his place for cooking and offered to help me in the kitchen. We hug and he kisses my cheek everytime we meet and leave. I feel like he treat me like I am his girlfriend. We haven't gone on a date yet because he's overseas this weekend but he mention that we should go out and ask me to pick a date. Are we dating? Are we in a relationship? I have no idea though I feels like we kind of are.


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  • ask him about it.


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