Two great dates, he invited me away & now 6 days later his Facebook status says 'In a Relationship' but not with me?

I met this great guy (or so I thought) online. He was sweet, shy, romantic & attentive. Had 2 incredible dates which he prolonged each time so he could spend more time getting to know me. As many of you know probably 9 out of 10 dates aren't great but this was the exception for us both or so we both said, I definitely meant it when I said it. We were not intimate but very naturally affectionate with eachother.
I was going away for 5 days on a trip I already had booked & I even made a joke that I hoped he wouldn't get snapped up while I was away. He didn't ask me who I was going with and I didn't mention it was just a female friend. He actually asked if I would like to go with him to portugal a few weeks later. I thought it was abit soon so left it open ended but he was quite insistent especially at the end of the second date.
I got back from my trip & he texted to say he wanted to see all my pix, he had a big project at work but would hopefully be finished by the weekend & he was really looking forward to seeing me. I said I was too and to keep me posted. Well that was 6 days ago & I heard nothing from him even though I send a sweet/flirty text a few days ago. Last night Ihappened to look at his Facebook profile and it says 'In a Relationship' I noticed he had befriended a woman 3 days before that. This is a man who never goes on FB from what I can see of his timeline, 1 post in 2 years. Him & I didn't even talk about FB or befriend eachother I just happen to know his last name so I looked him up. The woman he's supposedly having a relationship with was claiming to be single just a few weeks ago according to her timeline. Why would a man write 'In a Relationship' with a woman he barely knows not to mention the disappointment I feel since I had hopes to continue seeing him....Is he just extremely needy or what? I suppose she jumped straight into bed with him which I didn't. I just give up, this online dating just do


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  • Seems like a piece of shit.

    Online dating is a waste of time in my experience. His 1 post in 2 years and the relationship status change on facebook might just be him controlling what you see about him whether true or not.
    Facebook is all about compartmentalization and manipulation.

    Regardless it's sketchy. That's sad how well things were going for you.

    Give up online dating. The people on there are on there for a reason, none of them good in terms of relationships.

    • Thanks for your input. We had nottalked about or befriended eachother on FB I just happened to remember his last name so looked him up, doubt he's listed his status for my benefit.

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  • I wish I could give you hugs through the computer. What a rotten thing for him to do :c

    You could just unfriendly and delete him out of your life or you could confront him about it and make him explain himself if you want to see him squirm. Either way I don't think you should give up just because of one jerk. It sounds like you have a very busy life with lots of amazing opportunities. Why not have fun meeting new people while you're at it?

    • Thanks for the input, I'm fine, it was only 2 dates after all. Just a shame as I rarely click with people... I did send him a text saying from his lack of communication I'm assuming he's met someone else and that I realise that happens, people cross over when dating and I wish him all the best. Well, he didn't even have the courtesy or decency to respond sonot that I was expecting him to so there we have it... Onwards and upwards!

    • What a jerk! It was nice of him to show his true colors early on so you didn't get attached.

      What an awesome attitude! I'm sure you'll find someone who actually deserves you soon!

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