Any dating tips?

Tips on how to not ruin it!

Im in a prosess where im dating, dating 3 guys at the same time but i like 2 of them, but 1 of those 2 i dont think really cares, because he is very care, but the other one seems like he likes me and he is super cute, we are going to the movies today but im not yet attracted to him, i think if he touches me or shows some physical attraction than i think i will be attracted to him. The one who i think is care, showed a lot of affection and i actually slept with him..slut i know but it had been a year since last time ^^ and now he is at his parents for Easter and couldnt meet me which is understandable, but i wonder if he will contact me when his back.

Anyways any tips on how to not screw it up?


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  • 'slut' is just a word other people use to try and control your love life. If you want to have sex what's that to anyone else?

  • Yeah go down to one guy. Because if any of them find out you aren't dating just them. It won't end well.
    Women like you need to learn to not be superficial.


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