Is it how I look?

alright I don't want to make an essay but I just want to know.
Every time I actually start talking to chicks that I am really attracted to which is women with short hair they always end up having a nasty attitude towards me than the women which don't I want to know if Its something about my style that gets their jimmies rustled can I get some answers
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  • Maybe they are confused by the way you speak to them... if you really are doge. And if that's the case then these girls don't deserve your awesomeness anyway. Such revelation. Much answer. Wow.


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  • Maybe these shorter hair girls are tomboys and combative by nature? You might be attracted to the feisty ones and seek them out. You're really cute but I don't know you irl so it's hard to judge whether you are annoying or not.

    • They may also like other women and annoyed that you aren't picking up on it?

    • that's a good possibility. A personal example of this was when I tried to make small talk with this chick from my psych class I asked if we needed to buy a test booklet for our midterms she just gave off an attitude like I have offended her xD

    • Your timing could also be off or maybe you are just attracted to women who are not attracted to you? Some people only want what they can't have.

  • i can't really see all up close and personal but you dont look ugly. maybe you jut talk to the wrong fishies


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