Is it okay to like two people at the same time?

hello, I've been wondering... i have a boyfriend we've been dating for about 2 years and here comes my guy bestfriend who I've know for about a year. me and my guy bestfriend has a lot of things in common, meanwhile, he has her girlfriend for 10 years... this guy bestfriend of mine makes me really happy to the extent that i could talk about anything and everything with him. our families are pretty close too that makes us closer to each other and recently this bestfriend of mine and i started dating then he confessed how he felt after that kiss when we both were drunk..we had this secret feelings we kept for eachother. he's leavong to Canada 12 days from now. anyway, her girlfriend is there too.. but they broke up already... now my brstfriend is courting me while im soo confuse because i still have a boyfriend.. he knows what I've been through with my boyfriend and he gives me advices on how to handle it.. he's older by the way.. about 7 years older than boyfriend and i are apart for a yesr alreadym never had i cheated until the day that i got drunk and kissed my bestfriend :( Recently, I suddenly have this chamge of heart. mu boyfriends absence made me realize that Im happier without him. I can be happy but still , he loves me sooo much that I can't reciprocate the love he can give me.. can somebody help me with all this confusions? i want to be single but i dont know how to break up properly. i can't be stuck in a relationship wherein i dont feel happy anymore. no more excitement. i feel irritated when we talk. i try my best to be patient but i just can't. if ever me and my bestfriend would be together, we wouldn also be again. in a long distance relationship




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  • A drunk kiss changed everything or you have had those feelings from beginning but didn't fueled it because your best friend had a girl friend. Now that your best friend is single, you need to pursue that and find out you are not much in love with your boy friend. It is very confusing.

    Don't make it so confusing. Take out your best friend from the equation and tell whether you still want to break up with your boyfriend. Take one step at a time, even when you are trying to conclude something.


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  • Follow your heart but take your brain with you.


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  • You can like 1000 person at the same time but you can only love one person

    • right, but then again.. how can i tell my boyfriend that i dont feel the same way anymore? :(

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    • how would u know if you love a person?

    • Well the fact that you think about someone else is a sign that you don't love that person.

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