Is it bad that I want guys to want to date me/ be in a relationship with me, but I dont really want it myself?

Is it bad that i want guys to want to date me/ be in a relationship with me, but i dont really want it myself. I want a relationship at the end of the day, but the guys i gave dated or/and met haven't really been up to those standards. So i get offended when guy aren't crazy over me or if they dont want a relationship

Whats wrong with me? Lol


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  • I think you don't want a relationship but want to feel wanted. Is that right? Feeling wanted is normal to desire. but if your not looking for a relationship that can be showing in subtle ways. For youbti get more attention you would have to actually give off signals of wanting a relationship. It sounds like you don't want one but like the idea of one.

    • omg.. you are so right! its almost scary how precise you are, lol but do you have any advice how to deal with this?

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    • im quite modest, or at least when you first get to know me... after that i can come across as maybe a little wilde in a way, because i can say some weird stuff in addition i joke around about sex a lot. So maybe thats the reason.. but how do i show i want a relationship?

    • That part I'm having trouble with myself lol but for different reasons. You actually have to want or desire a relationship and just let that show. I'm sure other than flirting you can do anything consciously about it. It's very subtle little things like prolonged eye contact and the way you talk to people. Just seem interested.

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  • Wait, so do you want a relationship or not? Can't really tell what you're saying here. Are you just saying you can't find guys who'll commit to one?

  • if u don't want it... then... y? just y?


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