Does a bad kisser turn u off?

In spite of teaching innumerable times, if ur partner still sucks at connecting beautifully through a passionate kiss, would u dump them?


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  • The only way a kiss with someone you already like can be that bad is if their breath smells or if they like... use too much tongue or do it too quick. This is something that can very well be fixed. There's no reason it cannot.

    And yes, a bad kisser IS a turn off but as I say... it can be fixed. Don't tell me it can't.


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  • It does. I love kissing and if someone doesn't stimulate me in a way...

    I don't know about dumping them over that though. There are other places they could kiss and I'm sure they couldn't screw up a peck on the lips.

  • Yes. If I cringe every time a guy kisses me, it's time to move on. Kind of important, to me anyway. Sorry, but there's millions of great kissers out there. ;)

  • I wouldn't dump them... Id maybe change my technique and see if the picked it up :)

  • I wouldn't dump him but it just makes the relationship intimacy really low. the way you kiss sets an example for how you will be in the bedroom to a lot of people. for example if its always rushed with little effort than the person is selfish and probably only interested in satisfying their end. if they take their time with built up momentum and take the time to kiss other areas of your face, they'll probably be just as great in the bedroom. you can try to teach him/her. the way you kiss your partner can be affected by the level of your actual feelings for that person also. if they really care they will learn how to kiss you right.


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