Guys, a good date idea?

What is your dream date for the Mrs. to surprise you with? Lots of details appreciated :) Looking for fun ideas, some re-kindling, something to make us laugh, etc. I have ideas, just looking for manly input.


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  • Dream date is to go to a monaco for a formula 1 race with my girl then after than rent a lambo for a week and just drive and enjoy southern france lol... but sadly at my age it's impossible lol. I guess something that a guy likes that also coincides with what a girl likes. My opinion is a nice vacation with things a guy can do and a girl can do too!

    • Awesome, I was going to do a bunch of stuff like this for my husbands birthday once, rent a Ferrari take him sky diving (simulated, because I'm chicken) and a cool restaurant, etc. Good to know I was on the right track!

    • all of those sound really great! he would love them.

  • I want to go on a picnic with a girl listen to this album

    Drink wine, eat grapes and cheese and write short stories together the whole day and watch the sunset =)


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