What about the gender/s you're sexually attracted to impresses you?

for example: their intelligence? their strength? special talents?
impress: to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings
anymore responses?


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  • The ability to have a vagina and not also wield an AK-47 at the same time. I couldn't handle it. I'd go mad.

  • Personality and loyalty every time!

    • how are they impressive to you?

    • I'm always impressed by a girls personality. ( Guys also! ) A sparkling personality makes a girl interesting to me. The sort where you just want to find out a bit more about her, what she likes, how she thinks, what makes her tick, the sort that would make a good partner.
      Then comes loyalty. Does she stick by her friends when things go wrong. Is she loyal to herself, to her beliefs, what she stands for. The sort that, with the personality, would make an even better partner.

    • ok, sounds good!

  • If I'm honest it's there's nothing specific that women do that impresses me that men don't do. Everyone is judged by the same standards, I don't buy into dividing the sexes and putting people on pedestals- credit where credit's due.

    • that's not what I meant. it's still different, while I may be impressed that my female friend is really knowledgeable about a certain topic, it won't turn me on, but a guy might.

    • If I waxed lyrical and wrote something deep it'd be pretentious on my part, I dig the same things in everyone- just be a good person, friendly and funny... when it comes to women it hinges on those things and being physically attractive. Other things are just circumstantial, I wouldn't be more impressed by a female nobel peace prize winner than female a salon assistant. Maybe I'm just simple! lol

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