Do I text him something else or what?

The guy I was dating for about 6 months and I sorta stopped talking. We went about a month without contact (im sure he was expecting me to be the one to break that and I didn't) and last night he text me asking how things were and said he misses me. I responded and said things were going great and that I missed him too. But...that was it. Now what? Why would he text me that and not follow up with anything else especially after I said it back. I just wonder if i should text him something casual like "not sure why we completely quit talking" or "we should meet up"...I don't know! Help please!


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What Guys Said 1

  • if you want to meet up and want him in your life then go for it

    • You're right... just not sure what exactly to say.

    • just be honest "I'm not sure what happened but ice like to meet and talk" (or do whatever is it your looking for)

What Girls Said 1

  • That's odd, not contacting for one month. I think he isn't that interested. If u are curious and need a proper explanation, just ask him then think about what to do next


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