The difference between dating & courting?

Isn't where dating is more casual, involving sex, whereas courting is more seeing the person with the potential of marriage in mind, and not sexual? I'm a little confused.


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  • Courting tends to mean "The Chase". It's when you are expressing an interest in a girl/guy ( depending on your preference ). You are trying to get this person to be interested in you.
    Dating is when you literally set a date to see each other. The courtship is over, you are now at the "getting to know each other stage". It is too early for sex at this stage.
    Next stage is "going steady" ( in UK ) where you have an established relationship, which may or may not involve sex.
    After this comes engagement and marriage.

    Hope this helps. It's all based on UK. Same in other countries, but names may be different.

    • Expansion on dating:- A guy says, "see you Friday at coffee bar at 7pm. It is the DATE and time. He will be your bf, you will be his gf. A sensible pair will be chatting at this stage to see if they are compatible before they commit to a sexual relationship.

    • Expansion on courting:- Think of the expression "Courting disaster". It's when someone is doing something that is asking for trouble. In the same way, courting a girl is when a guy is asking a girl if she's interested in him. This is not a single ask, but may take several weeks. Girl may not be interested at first, but if guy can show he's sincere and decent, girl might say OK I'm interested enough to make a date to meet up with you alone. She will be starting to trust him.

    • Thanks for MHO! Stay safe and take care!

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  • dating a step before courting... start with dating then courting
    explanation like you said


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  • Courting was getting to know a woman with the view to marry her

    Dating is more casual involving sex like you said


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