Girls, shy girls... how would you feel if a really shy guy finally summoned up the courage to talk to you and said this?

"(your name), I have something to tell you, and I'd like to be honest with you rather than just hold it inside. Whenever I see you, I get this indescribable feeling. That feeling tells me that I really like you, would like to see you a lot more, and get to know you for who you are. You do not have to say anything. I just wanted you to know this:

(your name), you are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. I have liked and crushed on plenty of girls in the past, but usually those crushes just wore off after about a week or so. But with you, (your name), it's different. I've had my same crush on you ever since I saw you four months ago. Out of all the girls I've met, you are the first to make me feel this way. You are the girl that I like. It just feels right, (your name). I have never experienced this before. There's a vibe you give off that I'm attracted to. It's beyond your cute laugh and your sweet, soft voice. It's beyond your beauty which captivates me to no end. (your name), I want you to know that I think you are special and unique. And, I'd like to take you out for some ice cream later this week. When are you free?"


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  • A bit too much, I'm shy and if someone said that to me I would blush big time!! Maybe later on if you manage it. Good luck!!
    I know what your feeling cause I've had this crush on someone quite shy and I can't pluck up the courage to talk to him when I catck him looking at me, and neither can he!! Last time I tried I seemed to develope a stutter!!!


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  • It's cute but too much as the girl below me said. It could scare the girl he likes away.

  • that's kind of sweet in the beginning... a little too much for my personally but if she's shy too she might not be too creeped out

  • I think that's too much for first conversation


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