Why is gay-marriage a religious issue?

I would actually argue opposing gay-marriage is AGAINT Christian beliefs. If people truly do think these are sins, shouldn't we let God judge them? By judging the sinners, we are playing the role of God, meaning we ARE sinning ourselves. Let's not forget homosexuality as a sin is only mentioned in the Old Testament. The Old Testament also mentions eating shellfish, wearing wool, eating chicken and many other common every-day things as a sin as well. We've moved on since then, after Jesus died, in the New Testament.

Let's not forget there is a basic seperation of CHURCH AND STATE, especially here in America. I'm a Catholic myself but I don't see how it's my right to judge others: I'll let God do the judging.
@ErasemyBeing You provided a good argument and we had a great discussion.
@ArabianPwincess197 That still doesn't explain why it would be a sin to ALLOW THE FREEDOM for gays to marry.

But thanks for your discussion anyway.


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  • John 7:24
    "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."
    Jesus himself said we should judge, provided it's righteous judgement. Judging a sinner for his sin is righteous.

    Leviticus laws were to show that men cannot be holy. When Jesus came, he fulfilled the law and made a new covenant of grace where the law is not in "control". But some old laws are still present in the new testament, including homosexuality being a sin.. meaning it's still a sin compared to tattoo, shellfish, etc. Besides, the tattoo, shellfish, wool laws have a context, unlike homosexuality.

    • But the "sin" here was in the Old Testament, along with other "sins" such as eating shellfish, touching piskin, and so on.

    • True. But the sin of homosexuality is mentioned again in the new testament, compared to the other ones.. Meaning the law against it is still valid compared to those against tattoos, etc

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  • I agree it is not our place to judge them. Our job is to love and spread his word and forgiveness as disciples

  • I don't see it as a religious matter. The church should stick to their own matters and stay away from the law of the land, we are all not religious thus have the right to expect a secular legal system.

  • i1127.photobucket.com/.../...om-add-text%201_2.gif I"m atheist and I have no problems with it

  • To be honest with you I don't understand why anyone would be gay

    • I don't understand it myself, I never will. Just like I don't understand why people like Golf or want to be a nurse. But that doesn't mean these people shouldn't have the FREEDOM to marry.

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    • @BobbyBrown23 For the most part, I agree with the fact homosexuality is not a choice. However, I have came across "gay" people who are gay one day, and straight the next. I never did like that because it gives a bad name for ALL gays.

    • It's ok if you're gay yaz. Just stop being so angry about it. People will not hate you.

  • I'm not very religious myself so i don't care.

  • marriage is a religious rite that over hundreds if not thousands of years made its way into laws. Gays know what they are doing by taking the defined term of marriage to slip into benefits for married couples... Gays are just fucking over a religious rite forntheir own self gain... Comlete assholes


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