I feel like she may of lost interest or possibly something else? HELP! Have I F*ucked up with her?

I have been on two dates with this girl. Both gone as well as I could of hoped, she was touching me, getting close, laughing good eye contact. However on the second date I accidenty called her the wrong name once, I assume she herd but nothing was said anyway we soon ended up making out in her car after and she said she would love to see me again. However when I text her to try and arrange dates she always takes forever to reply some times 24 hours but this is something she has done from day one. I try to keep texting to a minimal and only to arrange a date as I know she is extrremly busy. I asked her yesterday If she was free this Saturday and she said she thinks so in the day but she will double check and said she wanted to see me again, her texts were long and detailed. I said ok call me later when your done with work and we will discuss things, she said she will try altough she has a gym class later but see what she will do. all of a sudden I feel like she may of lost interest or possibly something else? she's never flaked on a date but the long replys is allways been a thing so im not to worried about that altough I know if a girl likes someone its hard to shut her up. do you think I should move on? Its weird as we got on so well and made out a ton and she said she really wants to see more of me, im so confused?


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  • she seems interested but maybe doesn't want to get hurt so just take it slow

  • Maybe she is busy


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