Is she interested? go for her?

SO i've been seeing this girl at this palce i go to for about 2-3 months and since day one i've seen her looking at me and everytime iam at that place ( they sell smoothies and icecream ) with my friends we sit down to eat and she serves us and she's always looking at me and even sometimes smiling , she would even go out of her way sometimes to look so me and my friends all agreed that she likes me ( i mean she has to ) ,I don't know now her name but i do know her last name since she told us , but the thing is... this place is full of guys i mean she has like 10 guy coworkers ( i have a friend there ) and i am not sure if she ever got to close to someone or i mean i work with girls and i did get too close to a girl once but i am over that now , i dont want to ask her out or talk to her when she's attracted or with another guy , my plan is to ask her for her name and add her on facebook or something and maybe talk to her , iwill be seeing all the time so I don't know , good idea ??


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  • That could work. I think she is at least attracted to you.


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