Why do girls fall for confidence so easily?

Everyone tells me that, in order to succeed in the dating game, all you need is confidence. And yeah, there are a plethora of examples of idiots getting away with just being confident, but why? Why do you girls fall for confidence so easily, even if it's fake? Yes, I know, it's in your instincts, but why are you so shallow, to the point that you ignore the guy's personality completely? Wouldn't this make you more instinct-driven and way less rational? Sure, we are animals, but we are rational ones, we know how to separate emotion from reason...


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  • 1) There's a difference between confidence and arrogance.

    Confidence is sexy. A man who knows who he is, who is insecure about some things yet still tries to overcome it, stands strong in his beliefs... that's beautiful to me.

    There are some guys that fake this, but they can't keep the facade up for long. And faking it will actually put you into WORSE waters than the arrogant douche in my opinion.

    2) Common sense. Please use it. Not all women ignore the guy's personality. Confidence IS PART OF a man's personality unless if he's faking.

    3) We like what we like. Why shouldn't we go after it? If there is a fat grotesque hunchback that will give me a wonderfully lavish life with a great personality and an attractive man with that personality who will give me a life that makes us both work hard and we'd be happy, I'm going with the sexy dude.

    I don't care about a man's money (he should have a job, his own place, and a car). I care about looks and personality. I think many RATIONAL people can agree with this. Some people don't care for looks and that's rational as well. We're not all cut from the same cloth.

    • 2) From what I've seen, most women ignore the guy's personality after he shows some confidence. Even though confidence is part of a man's personality, it isn't the indicator of a good personality. There are lots and lots of examples of confident scumbags. This is also common sense.

    • Those women may erroneously assume that that confidence goes with a "good strong man" and forget about the assholes. It sucks. But confidence is a trait that is well-loved and not many women would prefer a man without it. Because a man like that would likely cower and run instead of stand beside her.

      A confident man won't run, is likely strong in his beliefs, stands up for his woman and those he loves etc. That trait leads to many possibilities and is much better than the alternative.

      And you can't use your personal evidence as factual evidence to project onto the whole. That's not common sense. It's bias.

    • You're still living in the prehistorical times when men were the masculine providers, you still "think" like an animal. Just because a man isn't confident, it doesn't mean that he will run away from his lady, it doesn't mean that we will not stand up for his beliefs, it's all about the logic: if I'm on the right side of the struggle, why the hell would I run? If I was mature enough to get into a serious relationship, why the serious fuck would I run away from this commitment? It's not confidence, it's logic, it's intelligence.

      I have absolutely no issues with confidence, it's just sad on how women act like the super-intelligent/rational sex when all it takes to take control of them is a little confidence, even if it's fake (sorry, you're not that superwomen you claim to be).

      Sure, you like what you like, but don't complain when you let the assholes put ther dicks on you. Sorry to be blunt, but there are lots of "women" who think like you, and they're NO minority.

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  • Be BOLD and SHAME-less and watch how everything changes for ya ^_^. When coupled with what @chuppachup said you're going to be A-okay i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text_5.gif

    • but that's just not who I am. I'm not a strong, super bold, ultra-confident alpha male. I'm just a normal guy who happens to be insecure because of a horrible childhood of bullying, loneliness and anxiety, but I will stand for my loved ones anytime, anywhere, even if I get beaten up to a pulp. Isn't this enough to attract a decent woman?

    • Yeah if you can say the RIGHT things, at the RIGHT time that is... hell that goes for anybody/everything though ^_^

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  • because it make the girl feel that this guy is strong and she s protected with him ! but to me it s not so important ! the most important is being what you are !

    • even if the guy is insecure? (not implying that insecurity is a terrible thing)

    • the most important thing is your personnality ! because an attractive guy ( confident / good looking... ) can have he attention of any girl but without a good personnality he will never have her heart !

    • This is what I was talking about when I talked about rationality! Yes, confidence is attractive, I know why you feel attracted to it, but come on, it's NOT an indicator of a decent personality. There are LOTS and LOTS of examples of confident idiots! Please, women, follow this girl's advice! Don't be animals, as it will save you a lot of frustration!

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  • i guess it's attractive when someone is comfortable with themselves and doesn't let other people's opinions affect them. that's what i find attractive about confidence in women but i'm not a woman so i wouldn't know why they fall for it so easily.

  • Don't think rationality has anything to do with a girl's dating choices...

    You can't reason a woman into liking you, if she doesn't arguing is futile. Attraction is an emotional thing, you can't make it rational - that would just be an arrangement of convenience, not genuine attraction.

    • (oh, for christ's sake)
      The point I was trying to make is: a girl should be more rational when it comes to choosing a partner, for instance "I feel attracted to that guy, but his personality isn't that good, even though he is attractive as hell". THIS is what I was trying to say when I spoke about rationality...

    • Well if you'd succeeded at making that point I would have responded differently.

    • The other anonymous female user understood it quite well, which forces me to question whether you read my OP.

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