Girls, I like this girl but I don't think she likes me, Could she? Or am I in the friend-one?

Ok so there is this girl that i have been friends with for about a year and a half. We see each other and talk just about everyday. I didn't really like her at first but i slowly started to develop a crush on her and now i catch myself thinking about her a lot. The only problem is, i don't think she likes me at all. Sometimes she talks about other guys around me and kind of treats me like a brother. She always messes with me and teases me a lot. Sometimes we kind of play around and act like a married couple, and our friends seem to think that we like each other. When someone says that she likes me, she said that its kind of annoying. i Think i'm in the friend-zone to be honest. Last year i told her i liked another girl and that's when people started saying she likes me because she would always sit next to me and try to grab my attention. We always enjoy each others company even though she refuses to stop teasing me now-a-days. I try to ignore and avoid her but she gets mad at me when i do that. I want to tell her how i feel but i don't think its a good idea. Also, we kind of argue over dumb stuff often.. but anyways, Any advice? Also sometimes she doesn't say anything to me at all but she will say hey to some guy behind or next to me. and when i talk to someone else she kind of interrupts.... Also A couple of times she asked me to walk her to her locker and to class if that matters..

So basically the reason why i think its one sided is because she sometimes talks about other guys and she is kind of rude to me at times, also sometimes she will kind of act like i am not there but not usually.
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  • I think that the reason she's talking about other guys around you is in an attempt to make you jealous. If you two are really close I would open up and tell her how you feel because at least then you would know how she feels instead of feeling so unsure. Best of luck 😊😊😊😊😊


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  • girls like the attention they get even if they are not in a relationship with the person... so when u said that u like someone else (not her) it kinda hit her , she's probably trying to get u back (showing she's not interested) ... or maybe she isn't interested in u at all or trying to get over u (maybe trying to get u jelly)

    try to ignore her for a while if she's really interested in u she would try to make contact with u either text, call or whatever... u should tell her how u feel to get a staight answer from her... good luck!


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