Guys, he likes me now?

This guy rejected me a year ago. He liked another girl. Now he is still single. Last year I could have sworn that he liked me, he gave me all the signs. That is why I'm confused and don't know what to believe. He still acts interested, but more sincere this time.
He will:
Stare at me. It really doesn't matter where I sit compared to him. If I sit far away or right in front of him. Even if I sit behind him he'll turn around and look.
If I say something, doesn't matter if it's in class or to people around me, he will look at me and listen.
He tend to ignore me when I talk to other guys at parties
He looks at me when something funny happens.
He always sits somewhere he's able to see me.
He looks at me with soft, gentle eyes.
But he avoids all situations where we have to interact with each other. And since I did all the work last time (and got hurt), I don't want to approach him this time. But does he like me now?


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  • Not necessarily. Sometimes guys tend observe every moves of the girls who are interested in them.
    I recommend you to start talking to him a bit. Don't keep sitted and hoping. Yes, you can't propose him again but you need to approach him (in friendly manner) if you want him to propose you.
    Good luck :)


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