How do I get this guy?

Im into this guy and he doesn't know but i want to hang out with him. Im not sure how to go about this because im not really good at flirting. He hasn't been with anyone in high school (that i know of) and I've only been with one person so were both new to this but yeah how to i go about trying to become more than friends with this guy


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  • That's tough at your age. Typical guy/girl behavior doesn't apply.

    Try to find out what he's in to. Learn about it, then strike up conversation. Be careful when his friends are around. He could like you and act like a complete tool when his buddies are near.

    • im friends with his friends and when we're all together everything's the same. Its just im typically a very shy person

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  • I would make it so that everytime you guys see each other... you guys hug


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  • Just talk to him a lot more and giggle every now and then


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