Girl said she can't give me her number because of her culture?

She is from Iran. She is in my college class. I thought she was cute and noticed her eyeing me all the time and started talking to her. She was really shy and nervous around me at first but she relaxed a lot and comes and sits by me and eyes me constantly and smiles. She giggles at every joke I make. she's shy and doesn't even talk to anyone else in the class.

I asked her if she was busy after class since she came in late. I said I could tell her what she missed. She said ok. We went and sat down and talked and I asked if she wanted to exchange numbers. She said no. I said "no?". She said she can't give anyone her number. I just looked at her confused. Then she said in her culture it wasn't ok.

Not sure what to do or if I can do anything. I guess I could have read her wrong and its just an excuse but I don't know.


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