Why is it that girls always should let the guy off the hook and not stand up for herself after the guy treated her badly?

This guy called his self playing me tonight by acting like he didn't know who I was and who I was looking for when I text him. Even though weve been talking for a while now and I mentioned his name when I text him, then when I text him back telling him who I was he never responded. My initial thought was to just leave it alone and not say anything, but then I thought fuck that. This guy begged to come back into MY life after I moved on, I let him and he continued to make NO EFFORT to show interest. So I texted him telling him he's a coward and childish to be in his 30's and needs to grow the fuck up. I told him it was his lost not mine. Why is it that most people would advise us women to just "let it go* and not say anything backback?


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  • Because you're stroking his ego when u do that. Some guys love knowing that they can get a girl all in her feelings like that. Dont give him that. Guys HATE when u ignore them. Thats a more powerful move. But... because I am a girl I do get what u mean when u say that girls are basically suppose to play it cool when they get mistreated or else she's "batshit crazy" or play it cool even though she's starting to like a guy or else she's "clingy". Unfortunately it's just the way it is. Play your cards right. Dont let him see you sweat. Move on to bigger & better.


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  • I would never ever recommend that. He is an horse's ass. Move on.


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