Should I be worried?

I might be over thinking this. But me and this guy recently become more than friends. I knew he likes me for a while but there's a lot of miscommunication between our text that makes us both think that we weren't interested in each other. Anyway, we sort that out last Monday, we had a long talk and he said he wants to date me. He even go so far as to make so many future plans that he wants to do with me. I thought it was sweet. He always gave me a hug and kisses on my cheek when we see each other. Now the thing is he went overseas for holidays on this long weekend. He did ask me to text him and I did once "Happy Easter" but he hasn't reply and it's been 2 days. I know he could be busy or it is hard to find a wifi, but I can see he has been online based on the IM last seen time stamp. It's not a big deal but I'm just wondering wouldn't he want to text me?


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  • Don't freak out. Talk to him once he's back. Who knows what kind of connection or whatever he's got while overseas.

    • Thanks. I tried not to over analyse things. i knew he likes me.

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