I'm a jamaican/British girl dating a Puerto Rican guy? Time to meet his family? And his little daughter5?

Should I be nervous meeting is family ?what y'all think of this ask of relationship? He met my family they were all cool.just asking a lot of questions..now it's my turn....I'm freaking out ...this gonna happen on Easter Sunday...did I mention he's really hot 29...I'm 21..


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  • Im brazillian/italian but i lived all my 21 years in PR id say just be prepared for anything and everything. Now his family if you dont know how to speak Spanish will try to get you to speak Spanish.

    you'll love their cooking latinos cook amazing criollo food

    Be on your best behavior no matter what oh and one more thing if you can compliment them on their cooking that means a lot

    Good Luck

    • I got the Spanish down...4years of it... I know the food is amazing... I live on it... lol.. thank u by the way

  • y u worry basically?

    • I don't know... just having that feeling in my tummy

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