What to do when days go by before he text you?

What to do when days go by before he send you a text? Like this guy and I relationship has become weird. First we started as friends, then I would said a couple months ago we started dating. Now it seems like he's become too comfortable with the fact he know I'll always be there fore him or he has this mentality that I'm not going no where to the point days will go by and he don't text or call. I reframe from texting first all the time to see how long it'll be before he finally text.

i think it's very rude and sad because I feel like he doesn't care to even check up on me to see if I'm ok. When I do it to him daily. What should I do? I love him and he loves me but right now I feel unwanted and unappreciable. Help me please?


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  • He doesn't love you that seriously. Talk and ask him to give you more time. If he really loves you then he'd happily accept it.


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