He said he really likes me and doesn't want to end? But he didn't protect me?

We mess up and kept having sex. I am getting tested. He said he is getting tested it but miss his appointment. He was recovering from surgery. I told him I was upset. His roommate came home so I told him I am leaving.

He he said thanks for driving him home. He said he really like me and is sorry that he hurt me. He hope this doesn't affect the relationship too much.

I feel eel like I failed. I like a guy who doesn't care about my welbeing. He couldn't do what he said he would. He has 11 partners and the last time he got tested was 6 years ago and he has sex with 5 girls unprotected. The girls are different and they have unprotected sex with others people.


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  • Just see if what he says he does in actions, and tell him first that his actions would speak.
    If he continues to be like that then dump.


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  • You should wear a shirt that says, "open for business" with an arrow pointing down.

    • I only slept with 2 guys. He is my second one. I don't know how to process this. It is even fun.

    • *not My first one was a Christian boy and now him. We talked about kids and planning events together. I am disappointed in him and myself.

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