What does he mean/does he mean he wants me?

If you said to a guy I just worry maybe you don't want me,and the guy replied to you and said don't be silly,does that imply that they do want you?


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  • I really don't know the extent of the problem. There are several reasons, give me u guys back ground history and im sure I can help u

    • I have arthritis, and he said arthritis is bad he was reading about it, and i said don't worry about me, and he said why i shouldn't, I said I just worry that maybe you don't want me, and he said don't be silly

    • It seems to me that your over reacting if he didn't care for you, he wouldn't have research ur condition to help you. " just worry mabe you don't want me" you completely flip the mood of the conversation. Of course he wants you. If he didn't he wouldn't care about you, and we kno he cares because he took the time to research arthritis

    • Thank you :-)

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  • It means you're being silly. Stop.


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