Wwhat did I do wrong?

i started working at this place and i started liking this guy right away i would do anything to get his attention, and then this gorl asked him if he liked me but he was like i'll tell her myself what i think well i gave him my number he was the sweetest we talked a lot he made me chicken i made him some rice and he had asked me on a date and i told everyone were we worked at i know big mistake but after we gave the food to each other i thought something was wrong so i asked him if he didn't feel me to just tell me so we wouldn't make ot ackward cuz we worked together and he told me he was gonna say this to me that it wasn't going to work, and well i kind of made it ackward cuz i felt hurt and i got my hopes up and then it didn't work out and i i tried to figure out everything of why he did that when i thought he really liked me and i felt so hurt i told everyone and i was always crying about it, it was also and now he acts like he hates me but i dont know what to do, cuz i still really like him and i get so nervous when im around him but he acts so weird and distant and it makes me sad what should l do?


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  • This is why I've never dated anyone from work.

    Based on what you've written, I don't think you did anything wrong. That's what dates are for -- to help you get to know a person. He got to spend some time with you, and he wasn't feeling it. It happens to the best of us; it doesn't mean you did anything wrong. The best thing you can do at this point is just keep things professional at work and leave him alone unless you have to interact with him as part of your job. Eventually your emotional wounds will heal and you'll both move on.

    • thats the thing we never went on the date because he canceled right before

    • Oh, okay. A canceled date is also a sign of low interest, so it's still best to just move on and let your emotional wounds heal.

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  • That was definitely leading you on, why on earth did he go out on a date with you if he doesn't like you? dumb idea... i don't blame you for being hurt.

    • we never went on the date cuz he canceled but your exactly righe he did lead me on he send all these cute texts and he was definitely ok with everyone knowing that he liked me

    • That just sucks he pretended to be interested like that, i guess it's best to keep your distance

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  • Try to forget him if you can bc it is hard but you should try to move on if it won't work 😶 sorry for this opinion but its true n you can get a genuine guy easily n you look cute too😊


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