Good places to meet guys?

I've never really dated much especially after my heart got broken a few years ago
But now that thats over im ready to date again but i wouldent even know where to start hanging out where i would most likely meet someone except a bar but i really dont like the whole bar seen idea..


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  • No clue tbh. Depends on the type of guy you wanting. Can always do the bar scene but most of those only really into 1 thing or looking for 1 thing. Could try a skate park or just a city park. Maybe school sporting events like football / baseball games. GL


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  • Not the bar. Never the bar.

    Normal places, such as a gym, work, school, or just randomly outside. If you see a guy you find attractive, just say hello and strike up a convo. If you like him, get his number. That easy

  • Are you going out, meeting new people?
    Meet tons of people. I meet people everywhere, introduce yourself to people at the gym, work, mutual friends, meet friends of friends, go to house parties, check out the club scene if you're into that, church, volunteer with a group if you really have time on your hands. Get on Tinder and okcupid too if you're into that.


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