Approaching a stranger coffeshop girl?

I got to this coffeshop regularly and for past few months i've noticed that one of the employees always keeps looking at me when i am there and even my friends have noticed that , i think she's nice and kinda pretty and want to get to know her , but the thing is i am not sure if she has a bf or not , i do have a friend who works there, good friend but not a very close one and i was thinking about asking him if she's single or not ? good idea ? is it better to ask first and be safe and not regret it later ? i am planning on talking to her outside of work , maybe chat her up or something since she lives like 20 mins away from me .


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  • Just ask her for her phone number. If she has a bf or she's not interested, she'll give you an excuse; if she's interested, she'll give you a phone number. I don't recommend getting your friend involved; women are attracted to a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it.

  • I don't think you should ask your friend. Just go up to her and be friendly. If she has a bf she'll tell you. If she doesn't then she'll be friendly back. But make it obvious your trying to get to know her in the way you want this to turn into something more than just friends. If you're just being friendly then she won't mention the bf if she has one and you'll just be some nice guy who she sees sometimes.


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