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I Skype my long distance boyfriend almost every night for five hours.We been together for two years, this is the first year its long distance. But recently I notice how he seems to not care when I say stuff but is more about him. I think he's getting bored of talking to me but he still would stay on Skype and apologize for falling asleep on me.


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  • There is not that much to say for 5 hours every night... If you just cut back on that time you'd prob both like each other more

  • With time difference it might be very late for him and that is why he is tired.

    • well we only live 2 or 3 hours away so there's no time difference. I just not able to visit him so we just Skype.

    • As other commentator said 5 hrs is a long time I couldn't keep up a conversation for five hours a day maybe split it up into several calls a day.

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