Is my boyfriend's behavior a red flag?

He always answer my text/call immediately when he's alone at home. When he's with me he would pick up his friends' call and answer their texts (all of them were male). However, when he told me he'll hang out with his friends he never answer my texts/calls even when I told him it's an emergency. He would NEVER pick up his phone maybe sometimes just answer a few texts but refuses to pick up his phone and gets mad at me if I call him the second time after the first missed call. Is this a red falg? His strong reactions to my phone calls get me to think "What kind of friends is his with that makes him refuse to pick up my calls 99999% even if it's an emergency?". Thoughts?


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  • "However, when he told me he'll hang out with his friends he never answer my texts/calls even when I told him it's an emergency."

    Oh come on girl cut him some slack , the man doesn't know telepathy he can't be on his phone 24/7 as if you have the Red Phone that goes straight to the POTUS.

    He's out with his mates getting some air.

    • are you gay?

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    • I called him then no answer, then text him saying my call died, still no answer call again, he hanged up the call since it rings only 3 times then go to voicemail. So, he DID have a hold of his phone and most likely see my text...
      When his personality (careless lol), he will not charged the nokia and forgets it at home I already know it lol.

    • So... do you pack his lunch and slip in a lunchable before he goes out or something each morning lol?

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  • I get that guys need their guy time but the thing that got me was the fact that you said that even if it's an emergency he won't pick up. I think it's a case of "I'm hanging out with the buddies and I don't want them to think my girlfriend has me whipped so I won't respond to her when she calls around them". He should at least get back to you when he's done or text you what's the emergency though.

    • My car suddenly stopped on the freeway so I called him no reply. Then I text him what happened, call again and no reply. He always have his phone on vibrate and high volume...
      I know he needs his time so I never call him when he's with his friends unless it's an emergency, such as car stops on freeway, I have a surprise for him in front of his house, my mom wants him over for dinner, his mom goes to the hospital etc... and he never reply until he's done with his friends...

    • That's messed up. Have you asked him why he does this and explained the situation to him? What was his reaction/response?

    • I did of course. He always said "I didn't get your calls/texts" or "I put my phone on mute" or "I accidentally airplane mode my phone therefore didn't get your calls or texts"... I can't say anything after that but I'm not sure if his explanation is true or just lame excuses.

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  • I would say that yes it is a red flag.
    He is giving sings of emotional favoritism and annoyance of interruption. Eventually he will start getting made about other things and then start to hit you.
    You should dump him. He shows that what he and his friends are doing is way more important than you.
    Trust me on this dump him.

    • It's unfair how he gives me divided attention and give them full attention. His reaction is so strong to the point me and my best friend think he might be with another woman during that time or something. If it was just his buddies no need to be that angry towards a phone call...

    • Some men though when they see old friends soft of become who they are when they are around the person. Its quite funny. People chance there attitude depending on who they are around.
      For example my father when he is around his best friend who he does not get to see a lot, he becomes very macho and "I'm the man" type attitude. A think that is what happening here.

  • He clearly needs guy time. Do you call Him a lot when he's with his friends? Maybe his idea of emergency and your aren't the same. This could be on him, or it could be on you

    • I text him saying my car goes out of gas and I'm on the freeway. I guess that is enough of an emergency. I never call him when he's with his friends for no reasons at all.

    • Wel then yes that's a pretty big red flag.

  • wow you have him pussy whipped good tell him I said "Keep up the good work"


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