girls, why do girls wait for boys to propose?

Why do we have to ask them out first? Why are we expected to make the first call? If they like us, then why can't they come and confess first?


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  • Because it's cute and old fashioned and practically tradition, we can tell u we love u first but that's about it. Not speaking for all the girls tho because there are some that prefer to approach first. :)


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  • I always wanted to propose to a guy. But he may not be with that. So maybe a joint proposal or something where we both propose? If that makes sense lol

  • its just a part of that constructed gender stereotyping stuff.

    "men are providers and protectors. men are approachers and ask-her-out-erers :P, women are child bearers, cooks, cleaners and objects for physical pleasure"

    no one freak out. this isn't my view lmao. those are the examples in history^^

    honestly it is changing tho, but i personally am more traditional. i believe that with so much beauty in the world, it means an incredible deal when a man can select one body and one soul to actually want to commit to, even tho he could have all the sex in the world with various women. just my 2 cents.


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