The attractive male physique?

Okay lets be honest here girls like muscles and guys with muscles are attractive to girls ,but what i wonder about is what about the other body imperfections ? i mean okay you have a guy who has a nice chest,nice arms ,good back,his legs and asz are tight and nice but he has a little belly , nothing that you would notice when he's wearing a shirt but when he takes it off you can see that he has a little bit of fat around his gut area and not a perfectly flat stomach ... i was wondering about that since this is exactly my situation and i am working to lose that little fat and build more muscle but i just can't stop thinking about it since to me girls who have little fat like that are perfectly fine and even a little attractive than skinny asz ones ... i know a girl who looks perfect wearing clothes but when she lifts her shirt you can see that she has some fat , and not a flat stomach and its bothering her and i am like "dafuq ? you look hot and attractive as hell i dont see your problem " but she insists on losing weight , I don't know maybe we set impossible standards for ourselves , so is it a turn of if the guys has a little bit of fat along with good muscle mass ?


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  • You're right. We set impossible standards for ourselves. Like the girl you mentioned, she has the same issue. You and virtually nobody else would think she's not attractive because of a little belly fat.
    My guy is muscly and big. But he has a belly. I love his belly. I often bite it just 'cause I can.

    • hhhh i like your answer

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  • Based on my many discussions with many girls, the swimmer body is ideal. Tall, lean, broad shoulders, thick chest, and what girls love most: abs.

  • Some give a shit, some don't. People with perfect bodies rarely have proper careers! lmao


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