Has he lost interest? How do I fix this?

so I met my perfect guy on a dating site and we hit it off very well! Things were going great, we live about 2 and a half hours from each other but I went to visit him and the weekend was amazing. We both agreed that going slow would be best for our relationship especially for sexual things since I am a virgin. So the most we did was cuddle and hold hands. We had wonderful chemistry I'm talking sparks, it was hard to keep my hands to myself. At the end of the weekend while we said goodbye we shared our first kiss and it was like I was flying. After I left we talked non-stop and he was planning on visiting here and talking about future dates. However, he stopped texting me back altogether a week ago. The last thing he texted me was about his game that he had and when I replied in the morning continuing the conversation he never texted back. I tried giving him space and I've tried mature and non-commiting questions of what was going on. Nothing is getting him to reply? I have no clue what I did wrong, did he lose interest? How should I get him? Can I even get him? Why would he do this?


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  • He found someone else
    It's time you moved on

    • How do you know he found someone else? I gave him so many oppertunities to tell me he didn't want me I don't get why he couldn't just say it

    • The fact that he didn't told u is enuf

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