Why do I have sexual fantasies of this girl?

I went on a date on Sunday with a girl. We made out and I kind of came on a bit too strong, like saying I wanted to have sex with her and give her oral sex. She said no and said that she was a virgin. She was really beautiful and younger than me, so I kind of became a bit eager - plus I was really drunk.

Since then she has reached out to me once and said thanks for the date. I replied back saying thanks for accompanying me and that it was fun. She replied with 'yup it was :)'

I haven't heard from her since then and for some reason I keep having a fantasy of having sex with her. Why do I keep daydreaming and having sexual fantasies of her?


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  • Because it's something you wanted, but couldn't have. So now you want it more. Maybe try and think about some other fantasy to get your mind off of it. Like a threesome or a horse or something. 🐎👈

    • I'm kidding! That's really out there, I'm not serious about that at all

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  • "Why do I keep daydreaming and having sexual fantasies with her?" Well, you're a lesbian that's one thing. The another thing is that you're craving her sexually. I would be daydreaming about someone I want to have sex it also.


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