Can I ask a guy out on a 2nd date if on the 1st date I refused to kiss him when he wanted to?

I met this guy who asked me out on a date. We had a really nice time and at the end of the date, he wanted to kiss me but I said no. Now I really wish I did Will this guy ask me out again? or should I just ask him out? Because we had a nice time.


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  • It is NOT bad that you didn't kiss him...even though he wanted to kiss you.. You probably weren't ready for it. Stop worrying. If this guy does not ask you out again becuase you did not kiss him is a silly reason. If he likes you he probably will ask you out again.

    the key thing was you guys had a nice time...and I'm sure he felt the same too

    if you don't hear from him give him a ring...but give it a couple of days

  • Well since you reject the kiss he may think you didn't like the date or him. maybe you should call him and say you would like to go out again and make it up to him with the kiss.