I have no problem is introducing myself to girls, or making them laugh but always and always end up in the friendzone... what am I doing wrong?

I'm a decent looking person, learned, wealthy, etc. I really dont think I have any ovious flaws... wheneven I meet women i have no problems in introducing myself, getting the conversation going, making them laugh, etc. I also introduce a little sexuality into the conversation, and flirt... but always after a few days or weeks end up being in the friendzone.

I've been told so many times by my female friends that what a nice guy I am, and how they'd wish their bf was more like me, or there were more guys like me... and how any girl would be lucky to have me, etc etc. but WHY NOT ME?

I'm not mad or anything, everyone is entitled to their opinons but I'd like to ask... what different should I do?


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  • "They want their bf more like you"?
    That means you only meeting girls who are not single or in a relationship?


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