I can't bear she had a boyfriend ever, what to do?

we are 20 years old. I used to like her before, but she has had a boyfriend for 1 year then. She know that, and seems to like me back, still... I can't stand the fact that she was with someone (she is the first one to me)


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  • Get over it, you're an adult. Stop behaving like a child.


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  • Lol, the only problem I would have with that, is that they had intercourse. Or any sexual stuff for that matter. That's just b/c I don't necessarily believe in sex before marriage. But that's kinda irrational to expect her to be her first bf, just b/c she'd be your first relationship.


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  • It's going to be hard to find someone who's never had a relationship. I'd say to find a way to get past it.


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