WhAt must I do to make him stop being angry at me without looking desperate?

He was supposed to come to me Thursday night. Unfortunately I fell asleep and he was texting me and I didn't reply. So then he didn't reply the next day when I told him that I'm so sorry. And he didn't answer my calls either. So I told him it's fine be like that. Then he replied with this looking message telling me how it's my fault because I didn't want to reply. So I told him it's a misunderstanding. And he's not replying and I really like him? Is he looking for a reason? Should I tell him I'm sorry and how I really feel about him or should I be stubborn and wait. To see if he will ever reply?


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  • People often doze off without realizing. If he's creating such a fuss over a trivial issue, he's an immature guy who deserves to be dumped.

    • I really like him I'm going insane everything was perfect now this

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