Help me to dentify this?

Its a feeling of being content and being at peace and being okay but at the same time feeling that something is missing. I've been on couple of dats , thinking okay maybe that is whats missing, a special someone? but than i sit there during the date, amazing and funny and cute guy but nothing, its not what i am looking for, im not looking for falling in love and finding a boyfriend, i just maybe want someone to spend time with? someone to cuddle with but someone who doesn't kiss me or sleep with me, just someone who gives me attention?
I am always alone and independant and i dont get that kind of attention ofte, last time i dated a guy for a long time i fell in love but things didn't go my way and i was stuck there wondering why things went wrong when it was all so great, (he didn't want anything serious bc of things in his life) and i respect the fact that people have to chose who they want to be with and i won't be the one everytime i go on dates, but everytime?

Should i just continue being alone and just give up, I've been on tinder dates and honestly tinder isn't the place i want to find the one..its fun but for how long? is he swiping right on other girls?

I dont know how to identify this stage in my life.


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  • Nostalgia. Poisoned Nostalgia...

    Of all deadly toxins Nostalgia is the slowest and most agonizing.

    Welcome to Limbo! :D

    You're on the verge of death but that's okay, you'll not die, everyone hangs here for a while.


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